JDC Ambassadors is a transformative experience in philanthropy.

Ambassadors Circle and Society members provide strategic leadership and support for JDC, the world’s leading Jewish humanitarian assistance organization, in a number of critical areas:

         Helping poor and vulnerable children to succeed
         Ensuring the wellbeing and dignity of the elderly
         (Re)building inspired and caring Jewish communities
         Providing a Jewish response, including Israeli
expertise, to disasters and crises

Ambassadors are also committed to JDC’s “smart giving” principles: the importance of combining grassroots innovation
with accountability; the ability to leverage funds and build sustainable programs; and the goal of creating scalable
solutions and system-wide impact.

Ambassadors’ programs and symposia offer first-hand insight into some of the most innovative solutions to global poverty and disaster relief today. 
International trips give a highly personal perspective on daily life for Jews and others in more than 70 countries in which JDC operates. There is no better way to understand a country than to be invited into the homes of local people, and no more meaningful way to demonstrate the value of global Jewish community than to interact with changemakers who are building and sustaining it around the world. 
Impact Circles, for those interested in hands-on involvement, delve deeply into some of the strategic questions that guide program development and global best practices.
In addition, Society members participate in JDC Board meetings and receive opportunities for personalized JDC travel and learning.

JDC Ambassadors is a unique network of extraordinary individuals and families who are dedicated to creating a visionary and caring Jewish community.  Joining the Ambassadors Circle or Society is a commitment to supporting JDC’s work and those who look to JDC for help every day.

For more information about JDC Ambassadors take a look at the Upcoming trips and events column on this website, contact our director, Rebecca Neuwirth, at rebeccan@jdcny.org or
(212) 885-0878, or fill out this form.

JDC Ambassadors: Philanthropy that changes lives