January 6, 2009

Donate: Help the Victims of the Conflict in Gaza and Southern Conflict Zone

By donating to JDC, you can help bring relief to those living within the Southern Conflict Zone on the Gaza border. Your contribution will help ensure that those most vulnerable receive the assistance they need, including trauma interventions for children, assistance for the elderly and disabled, and trips to provide respite for those caught in the crossfire.

To donate, please go to http://www.jdc.org/help-jdc/donate.aspx and click on the link 'Donate Now' under 'Most Urgent Jewish Need'

The Jewish value of collective responsibility, Kol Yisrael areivim zeh lazeh is at the heart of JDC’s work. Help JDC fulfill this important mission by showing your support today.

JDC programs are supported primarily by contributions to the annual campaigns of the Jewish Community Federations throughout North America in partnership with United Jewish Communities (UJC). JDC also receives support from World Jewish Relief, Canadian Jewry, and the United States government. Additional funding comes from both Jewish and non-Jewish individuals, charitable foundations, other governments, and international organizations.

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