June 5, 2009

2009 Global Symposium Panel on JDC's Response in War and Crisis - Gideon Herscher

During the JDC Ambassadors Circle Global Symposium on May 19, 2009, JDC presented a panel on how the organization responds during times of war and crisis. In this video, Gideon Herscher, Director of Field Relations discusses JDC's response in Israel's southern conflict region on the border with Gaza during Operation Cast Lead in January, 2009. (For the pictures referred to in Gideon's presentation, look below.)

Or you can watch the video on our YouTube page at this LINK

Map of the Southern Conflict Region
(Click on map to enlarge)

Building damaged by a kassam rocket

Damage caused by the kassam in an apartment of the building.

The clock stopped at the exact time the kassam hit.

Yossi, who lives in that apartment hid in the bathtub when the kassam hit because he could not get into a shelter in time. Here he participates in a pet therapy session.

Art therapy drawing done by Yossi. In the picture, is the word, 'Pachad', or fear in Hebrew. Yossi also drew a kassam falling on a person and house with no door, a very telling picture of Yossi's own feelings.

In this art therapy drawing is written the word 'Ka'as' or anger in Hebrew.

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