June 1, 2009

Highlights from the JDC Ambassadors Circle Global Symposium Part II

On May 19 JDC hosted the second JDC Ambassadors Circle Global Symposium. The event brought together over 60 people from all over the world to learn about JDC’s global mission of rescue, relief and renewal of Jewish communities in Israel and around the world.

Focusing on 'Hope and Crisis in the Jewish World', top professionals shared their own personal stories of their work, giving participants insight into JDC that is shared all too infrequently.

Lunch with Country Representatives

Participants had the opportunity to sit down with three of JDC's country representatives to hear more in-depth about JDC's work on the ground.

Mandie Winston speaks about her time as Deputy Director of JDC Moscow and Central Russia, working in the area of Jewish Renewal. Mandie also speaks about her time as Country Director for Sri Lanka and JDC's non-sectarian humanitarian aid and rebuilding efforts following the December, 2004 Tsunami in Southeast Asia.

Yechiel Bar-Chaim, Program Director for the Czech Republic, Algeria and Tunisia shares stories and pictures of JDC programs and clients in the three countries he currently oversees.

Ami Bergman, Country Director for Turkey and Egypt, talks about Turkey's vibrant Jewish community and JDC's efforts to ensure its continued self-sufficiency. Ami was also responsible for implementing non-sectarian humanitarian aid programs during times of crisis and tragedy in several countries around the world.

JDC Ambassadors Circle Mission Briefing: Uzbekistan

Asher Ostrin, Executive Director of Former Soviet Union Programs shares his insights into the Jews of Uzbekistan, a Jewish community with a unique and vibrant history. Hold the date for our upcoming mission to Uzbekistan in November 2009. For more information please contact us at ambassadors@jdc.org

Dr. Rick Hodes

Named one of CNN's Heroes in 2007, Dr. Rick Hodes is JDC's Medical Director in Ethiopia, overseeing JDC clinics in the citities of Addis Ababa and Gondor City. Here Dr. Rick talks about Ethiopia today and his non-sectarian work with patients who suffer from various ailments including cancer, terbuculosis of the spine and other conditions as well as his involvement in Operation Solomon in 1991 where Dr. Rick was in charge of the medical care for over 14,000 Ethiopian Jews who were airlifted to Israel over a period of 36 hours.

Thanks to all those who participated in this unique day, and keep reading the blog for information on upcoming Ambassadors Circle events.

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