August 17, 2009

PACT Pre-School Brings Ethiopian Culture to Life

Parents and Children Together (PACT) is a comprehensive initiative addressing Ethiopian-Israeli preschoolers' educational and developmental needs by working to close critical educational and social gaps between Ethiopian-Israeli children under the age of six and their veteran Israeli peers.

By promoting the enrollment of every Ethiopian-Israeli youngster in a preschool framework and providing culturally sensitive support, PACT helps the children acquire the social and cognitive skills that Ethiopian-Israeli parents—raised in a rural, oral-based society—cannot provide.

JDC's partnerships with American and Israeli communities have made PACT a pioneer among efforts aimed at closing immigration-related social gaps.

In this short video from JDC-Israel, pre-school children dance to traditional Ethiopian music and learn traditional Ethiopian style of dance at at a kindergarten participating in the PACT program.

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