October 18, 2009

Masira - A Journey

In line with its mission of developing social services for Israel's vulnerable populations, JDC-Israel invests approximately $10 million annually in the development of social services for Israeli Arabs, Druze and Bedouins across every JDC-Israel Division (with the exception of the Immigrant Integration Division). 

For Israel’s Arab disabled population, one program that JDC has established is Masira (“journey” in Arabic), an initiative to improve and advance the status and integration of people with disabilities in Arab society in Israel.

Video by JDC-Israel, the Unit for Disabilities and Rehabilitation.

Since 2006, Masira has made a deep impact in Israel’s Arab communities. Created to help overcome the societal stigmas Israeli-Arabs face in their own communities, and in general society, the program now operates 15 programs in 20 towns and villages, serving some 4,000 disabled adults and 130 professionals working with the disabled.

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