January 29, 2010

JDC: Addressing Critical Needs in Haiti

Stay informed. JDC's new blog, No Passport Required features images and impressions from JDC and its partners in Haiti. And our disaster response page is a one-stop communications hub for the latest program developments.

Thank you. Your support is already making an impact as part of $2.8 million donated to JDC's Haiti earthquake relief efforts.

This is the face of Haiti right now. And so is the face of Michel, a young man the JDC team met who has survived what may be the new century's greatest catastrophe yet. He lost his family, his home, and his livelihood in the earthquake. Like hundreds of thousands of fellow Haitians, Michel is struggling to regain his bearings amidst the rubble that just two weeks ago had been homes, schools, hospitals, markets, and places of worship.

Michel has lost nearly everything except his life ... and the will to keep going.

This spirit of resolve, witnessed by JDC's team on the ground, is building a sense of hope among the Haitian people as large-scale humanitarian assistance shows no signs of letting up. And your support is enabling JDC to be part of this epic response.

Our work is expanding with new partners:
International Rescue Committee will use JDC support to fund several water supply projects that will provide sources of clean, potable water in Port-au-Prince and the surrounding community.

Through the ProDev Foundation, a local Haitian NGO, 20 JDC-sponsored water tanks will ensure clean drinking water for people living in tent villages.

A JDC-allotted grant to Chabad-Lubavitch of the Dominican Republic is funding convoys carrying milk due to reach children in Haiti tomorrow.

Through existing partners on the ground, JDC continues to successfully channel critical food, water, and medical aid to victims under intensely challenging circumstances.

EcoWorks International's feeding program, run out of the remains of a local hospital, is bringing cooked meals and water to 250 patients and their families daily, and bringing rice and other food to 4,000 orphans.

An expanded partnership with Heart to Heart International, which includes the purchase of four trucks, is ensuring that medical relief and supplies reach isolated communities.

JDC-funded equipment helped the Medical Corps of the Israel Defense Forces complete the mission of its field hospital, which was operational within 10 hours of the earthquake.

JDC's commitment to you and to the people of Haiti is to not only ease the suffering of today, but to help this island nation rebuild for tomorrow.

To Make a Contribution:

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