March 9, 2010


The JDC Ambassadors Circle wishes Behatzlacha (Good Luck) to the UJA Federation of New York Westchester Global Initiative as they conduct their JDC Country Debate.

The UJA-NY Global Initiative is an 18 month-long initiative run jointly by JDC and UJA-NY, to show the Jewish world and our work to a select group of lay leaders. At this point, having met for a year of briefings and sessions on Jewish Rescue, Relief and Renewal around the world, the Group is about to debate mission options for a summer visit. They have nine possible countries (out of a total of over 40 original options) with 18 potential mission tracks. After their debate, the group will spend another few months learning about their chosen mission location, programs and communities.

We'd like to wish the Westchester Group a successful evening and good luck as they continue their deliberations.

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