March 15, 2010

JDC Ambassadors Circle - Forming A Chapter in Your Community

What is the JDC Ambassadors Circle?
The JDC Ambassadors Circle is a global forum for connecting philanthropists, who are caring and committed supporters of JDC’s mission of Rescue, Relief and Renewal of Jewish communities in Israel and around the world.

JDC Ambassadors Circle provides a deep and nuanced understanding of the most critical issues impacting the broader Jewish world and an opportunity to connect with some of the Jewish world's top leadership.

JDC Ambassadors have the opportunity to further connect with JDC by receiving the latest news through our blog and Facebook page, attend exclusive briefing engagements and symposia to learn about JDC’s work across the globe and participate in missions to visit with Jewish communities around the world and see JDC’s work first hand.

What is a JDC Ambassadors Circle Chapter?
A JDC Ambassadors Circle Chapter is a local meeting of dynamic Jewish leaders interested in the issues facing world Jewry.  During an intensive 12 to 24 month mini-course, members will learn about a variety of topics and themes in the Jewish world , culminating in a mission to a community chosen because chapter members feel a strong connection.

How it Works
Members meet every six to eight weeks to hear from a speaker from JDC or from a presenter arranged locally.  The group will begin with a general overview of Jewish themes such as:
  • Rescue
  • Poverty
  • Hunger
  • Jewish Renewal
  • Relations with Israel
As the group progresses, the discussions will become more focused on a specific region or area of JDC's work and finally, concentrating on a specific community or topic of interest to chapter members.  Finally, the group will then participate in a lively debate about mission options, including discussion on components of the mission, to make their final decision.*
(*potential locations are subject to availability and timeframe of the proposed mission)   
For more information or to discuss forming your own JDC Ambassadors Circle chapter, please contact Dov Ben-Shimon at or (973) 929-2939.  Or you can email

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