December 30, 2010

Photos from the Last JDC Ambassadors Circle Global Symposium of 2010

Thank you to everyone who attended the JDC Ambassadors Circle Global Symposium on December 13, 2010.

Stefan Oscar, JDC Area Director for Poland and the Baltic States,
Karina Sokoloska, JDC Country Director for Poland
and Zoya Shvartzman, Director of Resource Development for JDC-Europe
discuss key issues within the Jewish communities of Europe today.

Galit Sagie, Director of Planning and Development for JDC-Israel
presents programs to benefit vulnerable populations in Israel
through projects that promote enviromental sustainability.

Will Recant, Assistant Executive Vice President
holds a workshop on how to share JDC's story.
JDC Ambassadors Circle Members, Izzet BenSusan (originally from Turkey),
Dalia Cohen (originally from Zimbabwe)
and Laurent Morali (originally from France)
talk about why they left their home countries and the issues
new immigrants face upon arrival in their new country. 
Sam Amiel, Executive for International Relations, moderated the panel.

Danny Pins, Director of JDC's Immigrant Division for JDC-Israel,
speaks on the topic, 'Israel's Future - Preventing Young Adults
from Falling Through the Cracks'.
Shauli Dritter, Director of Field Operations, JDC-FSU
talks about JDC's role during crisis situations.
Participants have a lunch-time discussion with
Karina Sokolowska, JDC Country Director for Poland.

Stefan Oscar, JDC Area Director for Poland and the Baltic States
speaks more in depth about his region during the lunch session.

Zoya Shvartzman, Director of Resource Development, JDC-Europe
tells her story during the lunch session.

Eliot Goldstein, Deputy Director for International Relations
led an interactive session on 'Values and Dilemmas' in JDC's work.

During the 'Values and Dilemmas' session,
led by Eliot Goldstein, Deputy Director for International Relations,
participants were asked to discuss one of five dilemmas
based on real-world situations faced by JDC professionals.

Sarah Hirschhorn, Division Director for Strategic Partnerships, JDC-Israel
talks about the issues of mainstreaming Arab and Haredi populations into Israeli Society.

"Making the Case - Storytelling, Framing and Telling the Overseas Story'
-- a workshop with Michael Novick, Executive Director for Strategic Development.

Shawn Landres, CEO and Co-Founder of Jumpstart
presents on how Jewish innovation and social entrepreneurship
are working to build a sustainable and viable Jewish future in Europe.

Gideon Herscher, JDC Director of Haiti Relief Efforts
talks about his own personal reflections on the months
he spent on the ground in Haiti following the devastating Earthquake.

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