April 18, 2011

Argentina's Baby Help Brings Judaism and Joy to Community's Youngest

Joining Jews around the world in the Passover seder countdown, many struggling young families in Argentina are gearing up for their annual “Baby Pesach” celebration at the JDC-supported Baby Help center in Buenos Aires.

For young Jewish families in Argentina, Baby Help is a household name.

Launched by JDC and the local Jewish community to help struggling pregnant mothers and toddlers plunged into poverty in the wake of Argentina’s 2001-2 economic collapse, today Baby Help continues to be an important source of support for the country’s most vulnerable children.

In addition to providing for basic necessities such as food, milk, vitamins, vaccinations, and diapers, the Baby Help center in Buenos Aires offers critical day care services so that parents can find and maintain jobs, and welcomes dozens of young families for spirited celebrations of Shabbat and Jewish holidays throughout the year.

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