June 7, 2011

JDC Ambassadors Circle Global Symposium - Photos of the Day

JDC Board Member and
JDC Ambassadors Circle Chair
Steven Price welcomes everyone.

Alan Gill, Executive Director of International Relations talks about
Areivut: Responsibility and its Challenges

JDC Ambassadors Circle Steering Committee Member
Zachary Fasman introduces a session Israel's greatest challenges.

Dan Ben-David
Executive Director, Taub Center for Social Policy Studies in Israel
discusses the challenges facing Israel today and looking to the future.

Yossi Tamir, Director of TEVET
JDC's Employment Initiative in Israel talks about
programs aimed at addressing some of those challenges.

Aleksandar Oscar
President, Sofia, Bulgaria Jewish Community
Vice President, Bulgaria Jewish Community
speaks about the European Jewish community today.

Jennifer Kraft, Director of Community Relations
discusses opportunities for outreach and engagement in today's
American Jewish community.

Mazi Melesa, who came to Israel during Operation Solomon shares her
personal story; with Amir Shaviv, Assistant Executive Vice President
for Special Operations. 

Judy Amit
Global Director, International Development Program
discusses disaster preparedness and international cooperation
during times of crisis. 

Daniel Sahalo
National Coordinator, JDC-Eshel programs for
Ethiopian Elderly in Israel, who emigrated to Israel during Operation Moses
tells his own personal story of integration in Israeli society. 

Etta Gross Zimmerman of the JDC Board of Directors
introduces the session on Post-Soviet Jewry,
The  Greatest Challenges.

Asher Ostrin
Director of Former Soviet Union Department
speaks about the issues facing Jewish communities in the
Former Soviet Union today.

Fabian Triskier
Associate Director, JDC Latin America Office discusses
Latin America's Jewish communities.

Sigal Shelach, Director of Programs for Minorities and Immigrants,
and Sam Amiel, Senior International Relations Executive
talk about the challenges of employment for Arab-Israelis.

Anne Heyman speaking about the
Agahozo Shalom Youth Village in Rwanda

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