August 15, 2011

'Babushkas Just Want To Have Fun'

In a wonderful post on his blog The Wolf and the Ostrich, JDC Ralph I. Goldman Fellow Zev Nagel writes about his recent visit to Kiev and a very common sight in Ukraine, the Babushka (an old woman, in Russian). 

According to Zev, a "babushka is more than a reference to your grandmother; it is a term of endearment for the ubiquitous old ladies who gossip, drink tea together, offer obvious but sagacious advice, or sell their homegrown vegetables on the side of the road (“Babushka vegetables are the most tasty,” claims a local colleague). And there are – of course – Jewish babushkas too, some of which are clients of JDC welfare programs."

During his visit, Zev spent some time at a JDC sponsored Warm Home with a group of Babushkas and shares his experience there. 

Read the post at "Babushkas Just Want to Have Fun"

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