August 31, 2011

Happy Birthday JDC!!!

Today JDC celebrates 97 years of rescue, relief and renewal of Jewish communities in Israel and around the world. 

On August 31, 1914, Henry Morgenthau Sr., then U.S. ambassador to Turkey, cabled New York philanthropist Jacob Schiff, asking for $50,000 to help sustain the Jews of Ottoman Palestine, who were cut off from their normal sources of support by the outbreak of World War I. The money was raised within a month and led to the founding of the Joint Distribution Committee of American Funds for the Relief ...of Jewish War Sufferers. It became known as the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee or more popularly as the “Joint” or JDC.

For 97 years, JDC has exemplified globally the principle that all Jewish people are responsible for one another.  Active today in more than 70 countries, JDC and its partners work to rescue Jewish lives at risk, bring relief to Jews in need, renew lost bonds to Jewish identity and Jewish culture, and help Israel overcome the social challenges of its most vulnerable citizens, both Jewish and non-Jewish. JDC reach extends beyond the global Jewish community by providing non-sectarian disaster relief and long-term development assistance worldwide.

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