June 27, 2012

JDC Ambassadors Plan Fall Expedition to Sarajevo and the Croatian Coast

The remains of the Stari -Most Bridge in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Over 400 years old, the landmark bridge was destroyed during the Bosnian War in 1993, as was much of the tranquil scenery that surrounded it. JDC Ambassadors will travel to the region, which has been rebuilt to its original beauty.
Photo: Edward Serotta
The next mission with JDC Ambassadors will be to the majestic cities of Sarajevo and Dubrovnik from September 28-30 and October 1-3. Come meet the brave women who have battled breast cancer and the harsh societal stigma that is still associated with it. Explore the small but resilient Jewish communities that call Sarajevo and Dubrovnik their home.

The highlights of this mission will include an optional 5k run/walk to fight breast cancer and a chance to meet the Jewish leader who laid the groundwork for the JDC Women's Health Empowerment Program in the Balkans, as well as the people who have helped to enlarge across all ethnic and religious communities in the area.

We'll also visit Sarajevo's famous Jewish Cemetery, view the world famous Sarajevo Haggadah, travel along the gorgeous pathways that are home to the Latin and Stori-Most bridges among many other incredible landmarks and views along the breathtaking Croatian Coast. 

Sarajevo is marking the 20th anniversary of the start of the infamous siege, which signaled the start of ethnic bloodshed and led to the Yugoslav wars, the bloodiest in Europe since World War II. Its Jewish community is small in numbers but not in spirit. Through the support of JDC the community took on an important role in providing a safe haven and essential supplies during the siege, and rescuing community members and others when the situation became unlivable. 

For more information please contact Rachel Rosenthal at rachelr@jdcny.org.

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